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Welcome to Dhaya Calibration

Calibration is a process of establishing the relationship between the values indicated by a measuring instrument against the values from a known measuring instrument that is traceable to the national and international standard. When feasible the instrument readings are adjusted to read correct readings as part of the calibration process. A calibration is performed under controlled environment and by trained and experienced calibration professionals.

Factories Act

Dhaya Calibration provides test and certification of Lifting machines, lifts & hoists, dangerous machines, power presses, centrifugal Machines, Safety Belts, thermic Fluid Heaters, FRP Acids Tanks,Pressure Vessels, Ultrasonic testing, Conveyor Belts, Factory Plan and Building Stability, Instruments Calibration & Services, All Kinds of Engineering Services and Hydraulic and Pneumatic and Crane.

Latest News and Events

Trescal, the international specialist for calibration services, has strengthened its market leading position in the United Kingdom with the acquisition of Antech Engineering Limited. Antech Calibration Services and MD Calibration Services are now part of the Trescal Group.

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